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Table of Contents 1 Introduction 2 2 Reflective Cycle (Gibbs G, 1988) 3 2.1 Description 3 2.2 Feelings 3 2.3 Evaluation 4 2.3.1 Good experiences 4 2.3.2 Bad Experiences 4 2.4 Analysis 4 2.5 Conclusion of learning experience 5 2.6 Action Plan 5 3 Kolb’s Learning Cycle (1976) 5 4 Conclusion of Report 6 5 Works Cited 6 Table of Figures No table of figures entries found. Introduction In this report, I am going to describe my own role in helping the team to achieve its goal in relation to the group report and the practical negotiation exercise’s. Also I will provide evidence of my contribution to the cohesiveness of the group and how I facilitated the completion of the group goals. I am going to…show more content…
Evaluation Within this section I am going to evaluate the good experiences I have had within this semester along with the not so good experiences, I believe by pointing out my bad experiences/ weaknesses within this topic I will be able to develop my knowledge further in the future. Below are a few of my different experiences. Good experiences Through the completion of this module my ability to work within a group has been developed and through dealing with the arising group problems I have learned more about time management. * Skills developed within this subject will certainly aid me within my future presentations and individual work. * Presentation skills within Power-point were developed upon as members within my group had more knowledge of the presentation skills within it and were able to help me develop my knowledge of different icons etc. * Through the use of research and development techniques used to complete our documents I have developed more business strategic management skills. Bad Experiences * The bad experiences with this task were few and far between however, I feel that a few members of my group were not at the same learning level as me and found it hard to understand some of my recommendations. * As well as them not being able to understand my recommendations it was tough when reading some of the group members inputs to different things as there work was documented at a lower

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