Individual Reflection

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Assignment name: | Individual Reflective Report | Course name: | MBA522 International Business Strategy | Section Number: | N71 | Instructor’s name: | Bonnie Russell | Date: | July 11th, 2012 | Student’s Name: | Liuqing Yang (Stacy Yang) |

Individual Reflective Report

Instructor of MBA522 lectured the class in a conversional way that made the student really think about the cases presenting in class. After the study of the strategies and theories, students would be requested to discuss a case and answer certain questions. In this way, students learned how to solve problems in the real world by using the knowledge learned in class. This teaching style trained me to deeply think about cases I read after class. One of my
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Thus, the Managing Board is responsible for conducting top management activities across different divisions worldwide (Siemens, 2009). A decentralized structure can be obviously seen in Siemens, because each division is independent from other divisions in terms of managerial and operational role although sharing a similar reporting structure towards headquarters (Davenport & Probst, 2002). At this point, the decentralized company structure and the independent division made me believe that Siemens is more likely to be in a stage of host country orientation. However, taking a careful look at its subsidiary company like Siemens (China) Ltd., it shows no clues that the executive structure in China are constituted based on nationalities. To be more specific, eight people in the executive managerial team, two of them came from Germany, one is a Taiwanese, and the rest are Chinese. To me, this executive structure is more like in the stage of geocentrism attitude. From the executive lists on the website of Siemens (China) Ltd. we can see, there is no such a phenomenon that only German executives leading Chinese executives, neither Siemens only empower local executives. Besides, the region objectives of Siemens (China) and Siemens global objectives are almost identical. Objectives of Siemens global are to enhance energy efficiency and industrial productivity, maintain sustainable cities and improve people’s
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