Individual Reflection

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Individual is a 10 year old 4th grade black female student at James C. Rosser Elementary who was in day treatment lasted school term. Individual mom states individual was doing well for the summer, but start causing problems toward the end. Mom states individual has started back with anger and aggression behaviors at school. Mom states the first week of school individual ran out the classroom without permission and her consequence was a paddle. Within the same week individual has been hitting on students and hollering in the classroom. Teacher states individual kicked a student in the back because they were laughing at her. Individual also yell “shut up and leave me alone at her teacher”, and she yelled “I’m going to tell my momma on you” toward her teacher the first and second week of school. Teacher states individual gets angry and argues with students, hits on students, take things from students, and threaten the teacher to tell her mother if she touches her. Last week mom states individual bust her friend noise and took her purse. Mom states individual is always doing something to the kids in the neighborhood, and has no friends. Individual was sent to the office last week and she was yelling, kicking, and threaten the school principal. Individual teacher states individual feels that she can do what she wants to anyone and not have any consequences. Individual would cry thinking that she will not get in trouble. Also, last week individual pushed a student in

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