Individual Rights Versus Public Order

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Individual Rights Versus Public Order

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Public order and individual rights are not new controversy and how, since,

Immemorial, governments and individual citizens have had to walk a thin tightrope between the two ideals. This controversy was the catalyst that sparked the first ten amendments of the Constitution that we know as the Bill of Rights and, how in addition to these rights secured by America's forefathers, a number of institutions have arisen to ensure the protection of individual rights in an increasingly complex world. In order to add balance to this equation, the criminal
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Though this may not be the best outcome for society, it is what is guaranteed under the Bill of Rights.

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Another example of a disadvantage of human rights is the Fifth Amendment. Under this amendment, a person is guaranteed the right to refrain from saying anything that may be self-incriminating. This would also include coerced confessions. Often, the confession of the individual accused is what is needed in order to convict, but because of individual rights, the accused does not have to do so. This is another case that could result in a guilty person being freed. Remember Mark Fuhrman and O.J. Simpson as a case of example. Perhaps the biggest disadvantage to individual rights is asking ourselves what societal rights we want to protect. There is a need to keep order, to protect life and liberty, but at what cost? By keeping individual rights that we currently have, we face the disadvantage of have the guilty set free. Yet, we still have the assurance that we can be more secure in life and liberty, by enforcing certain rights, even if it doesn't always go the way we feel it should. Public order, as it relates to modern society, is an integral part of both law enforcement and community. In contrast to individual rights, public order is all that stands between crime and the public. In times, such as these, with fear and concern about
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