Individual Rights and the Business Organization

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The ethical issues which negatively impact the privacy, morale, and societal values of individuals include fraudulent business practices and unethical tactics to grow business operations and profitability (Harbert, 2007). The major ethical considerations for organizations must be focused on implementing sound business practices in every aspect of their business; including Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, use of Information Technology, local and International trade, Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, and the like. Ethics within the Organization's Internal Environment An organization's internal environment is made up of common values, beliefs, and thoughts shared by its workforce at all organizational levels. These values and thoughts are collectively called as organization's culture. In contemporary business landscape, ethical issues also arise within the organizations' internal environments which badly hamper their corporate cultures if not managed in an effective manner (Jennings, 2012). These issues are discussed below in detail: 1. Employee Privacy: It is the sole…
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