Individual: Service Request Sr-Rm-022, Part 1

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Service Request SR-rm-022

Edwin Moreno


May 22, 2015
Eric Secrist

Riordan Manufacturing Riordan has sent a request for service with to the IT department hoping to benefit their company. The request for service involves changing the HR department for the better. Riordan wants to integrate and change the HR applications with a new state-of-the-art information system. The company wants to have the HR department to have the ability to assesses resources and tools all in one application.
Who are stakeholders? In the IT and business field, the stakeholders can be many different people. Talks of tech have a great definition of stakeholders stating that: "Any person who has interests in an existing or
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When performing observations, IT experts can see firsthand exactly what is the issue with the problem. Interviews are great, but they only get one side of the story so to speak. But with observing the system at hand and seeing what the issue is or can be is a different story. IT experts can capture other opportunities to improve the system that the HR representative may not even know. When redesigning a system, it is good to focus on what the customer wants but it's even better to focus on what the customer needs. By observing the system at hand experts can see and other opportunities that can improve the system that the HR representatives are going to need. It is highly recommended to observe the system at different times of the day. Instead of picking a 9 to 5 designated time, perhaps checking and observing the system and how it works at different times during a normal business day. Perhaps later in the evening a system can slow down or even experience different types of problem that wouldn't occur during the daytime. Instead of

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