Individual Success and Importance of EI and CI

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There are number of factors that contribute to the success of an individual. These factors include but are not limited to emotional intelligence, cognitive intelligence, proactive personality and level of commitment. The topics of emotional intelligence and cognitive intelligence are popular for the researchers in the last few decades (Rao 2006). There are number of notations and abbreviations used for both such as CI, IQ, EI and EQ. This essay will use the abbreviations of EI and CI for emotional intelligence and cognitive intelligence respectively. Kreitner and Kinicki (2013) refer to EI as the ability to manage oneself and social relationships in mature and constructive ways. CI is another form of intelligence that represents the…show more content…
EI comprises of those competencies that employees require to overcome such potential negative outcomes to positive organisational outcomes. Furnham, McClelland and Mansi (2012) conducted an interesting research which allows employees of the organisations to select their boss hypothetically on the basis of four factors (age, sex, EI and CI). Results of this survey show that there is no significant preference for gender or age of a boss but a strong preference for high EI and CI, with EI more powerful that CI. EI helps individuals to achieve job satisfaction by controlling their negative and positive emotions. Furthermore, personal and social competencies can be developed through EI skills such as self-awareness, self-management, social-awareness and relationship-management.
Many researchers (Rao 2006) believe that professions with higher CI scores are not only successful individually but also have traditionally performed at the top level in all areas including business leadership. Colfax, Rivera and Perez (2010) negate this notion and illustrate that not all who have a high CI are successful neither not all those who are successful have a high CI. Bradberry and Grieves (2009) conduct a research and their calculations show that EI is “the single biggest predictor of performance in

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