Individual: The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Outsourcing

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Assignment 1: Individual Essay On Outsourcing Words Counted: 1185 Introduction to UK Graduate Study CORP 3801 Submitted By: P1516779 Submitted To: Lilia Ochisor Date: 29th October 2016. De Montfort University - Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College GCIB Programme, Copenhagen. Industrial shifting, development of knowledge and cost of employee in different parts of the world led different countries to outsource different products and services from other countries. Concept of outsourcing is not very old. It was started at the very end of twentieth century with the development of computer and information technology. Now most of the companies and almost every country outsource something from other company or country. So, it has become a widely used term all over the world. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to find out the most common areas where outsourcing is mostly used. The study has also…show more content…
Some major advantages of outsourcing are the followings: The main benefit of outsourcing is reducing cost. Organizations most of the time try to receive different service from countries where cost is relatively lower (Abraham and Taylor, 2012). Moreover, having one outsourced team to support many countries’ office also reduces costs. Small and developing countries have overcome the barrier of knowledge and expertise through outsourcing of technical services like web design, software development, and information technology management etc. as those organizations can’t afford permanent employees for these areas due to higher cost. Outsourcing accounting, taxation and legal matters facilitate an organization by getting expert knowledge and suggestions on these areas. Delegating data maintenance, data analysis and recording to a specific outsourced company for a group of subsidiaries ensured a central control for the parent

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