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Innovation has become one of the most important issues in modern culture, these days not only in the context of business and technology but also in environmental and climate changes. The changes in the environment impacts economies, populations, governments and cultures at a local level (Woerd 2002). Woerd (2002) also mentions that changes at a local level contribute to changes at a national and global level. All organisations worldwide are suffering with the environmental impacts that are places on them, and need to implement changes that are going to be achievable. The success of a business depends on how well the process is managed (Linsu Kim & Richard R. Nelson 2000). In businesses today technology and innovation is one of the…show more content…
Making sure there is strong communicating between each other on a regular basis will help to create business success and help to achieve sustainability. Unfortunately if there is a lack of communication and awareness within the organisation this could reflect negatively on the business.

Innovation can be one of the most challenging processing in the context of work, however the creation of new knowledge is the key to success in all businesses and organisations as keeping up with the trends with only help provide good results (Crowther, D. 2002).
Read on the other hand, refers to technology as the tools that are used to produce the good and services of an enterprise, which is the hardware of an organisations. The processes are needed to support and enhance the tools and technologies. There is known to be a common agreement that technology has had a massive influence on the new age of creativity and imagination within the business world. The development of technological change in evolving organisations is one of obtaining and improving on technological capabilities rather than of innovating at frontiers of knowledge (Guler Aras & David Crowther 2008). Read, also mentions, information can be made available without any reference to status or position which has had a huge impact on the role of information and communication technology. Sustainable organisations
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