Individual Vs. Society; Antigone

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Structure is needed for a society to thrive. Without it, people would do anything they pleased, with little consideration or concern for others. Structure, usually in the form of laws created by a person of power, is what keeps a group of people together, and allows for peaceful order between these individuals. Laws, however, can sometimes be corrupted by the one that is governing them. Although these laws may go against what is good for the people, fear can often times effect the way a population behaves. There are also times when someone stands up against the unmoral laws set by a powerful government, making logical arguments against them, and sparking positive change in a society. Whether through the power of fear or the expression of…show more content…
He uses his power to strike fear in the heart of his subjects, and through this fear he convinces the people of Thebes to keep quite and obedient to his laws. Creon’s son Heamon tells his father, “The man in the street, you know, dreads your glance. he’d never say anything displeasing to your face.” (Line 773-774). The only person in the city who is ready to defy Creon’s law is his niece, the sister to Polynices, Antigone. She is overcome with grief by Creon’s order, and sets out to bury her brother. She believed that Creon, “a mere mortal,” did not have the power to “…override the gods, the great unwritten, unshakable traditions…” surrounding the rights of a dead man (Line 503-505). Her loyalty was to her family, not to the new king of Thebes. When Antigone goes to her sister Ismene to plead for her help in burying their brother, even she is too afraid of Creon’s authority to assist her only family. “I must obey the one’s in power,” she says. “...defy the city? I have no strength for that.” (Line 79-80, 93). She is lead to go against what she feels is morally right because she is fearful of the consequences. Even though Antigone is aware of these deadly consequences, she is willing to face them and stand up for what she believes is right. Discovering that Antigone has gone against him, Creon immediately sentences
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