Individual and Society: Nuclear Weapons Essay

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Individual and Society: Nuclear Weapons

The background of atomic weapons begins in 1896 with the discovery of radioactivity by Beoquerel. The nuclear age however, really erupted in the 1940’s. since that decade, many individuals have contributed to developing the nuclear arms race. The evolution of nuclear weapons has made a large impact on society by causing a great deal of trauma, dispute and competition.

Nuclear weapons developed in the 1940’s. Scientists in the 19th century discovered the splitting of the atom. Many individual scientists contributed to the development of the first atomic bomb. In 1942 President Roosevelt ignited the competition between countries by establishing the "Manhattan Project." At this time,
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It stated that there was "a continuing race between offense and defense (and) there would be no end to technical moves or counter measures" ( Pazulla 24). The Soviet union and the United States essentially played a "game" against each other for the following few years, otherwise known as the Cold War. America as a world power in return caused society trauma by trying to gain control of the nuclear weapon monopoly.

During the mid 1950’s, society began having further concerns. The United States had produced ultimately the most destructive bomb, the hydrogen bomb, and it was becoming public knowledge that radiation was released into the atmosphere in the testing of new weapons. By 1964, both the united States and Soviet Union populations were considered vulnerable because "assured destruction" (Pazulla 46) was the central idea to the nuclear strategy. By the 1970’s, many policies, strategies, etc. had been put into effect, helping decay the nuclear rage. The world powers began to behave with enhanced logic by not producing ridiculous amounts of nuclear weapons.

Presently new weapons are always being produced. The military is much more poised throughout he way it now concentrates on refining all aspects. For example, delivery mechanisms, communication equipment and the command. A great deal of pressure is relieved from society because each day is not an alleged surprise attack.

Moreover, the
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