Individualism And Secularism In The Renaissance

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Individualism and Secularism were ideas that were introduced in the Renaissance and became fairly popular with the citizens who had experienced this time period. Secularism and Individualism though separate terms have a lot in common. They both have to do with separation of church from daily life. Secularism separating the government, and individualism pushing people to look less at what the Bible said and more at what was relative to their day to day lives. The emphasis on these two ideas during the Renaissance affected the way people wrote, drew, and created architecture, by pushing them away from religion and focusing more on day to day life and the people involved with it. So, the ideas of secularism and individualism had affected the…show more content…
Writers like Petrarch, Machiavelli, and Ariosto are examples of Renaissance writers that were affected by this movement in Literature. Secularism affected Literature because authors no longer looked towards the Bible for something to write, they focused on previous classical Greek and Latin writing. This was a turn in literature for the people of this time period. The invention of the printing press also changed the way literature was looked at in the Renaissance. Now with books being more available and the push for most of those books to be written vernacularly it was no longer common to be illiterate. With all these pushes for human improvement and the people trying to make themselves less dependent on others because of their literacy, it's hard to say that Individualism did not play a key role in the change of literature. Literature and Art have been affected by the movement of these two ideas, but so had Architecture. The Architecture of the Renaissance period Was different than most other regions, the architecture was a Revival of certain elements from the Greek and Roman architecture from the classical era. Individualism and secularism the people of the Renaissance wanted to look back before the Bible. They look back towards the Greek and Roman eras, Renaissance style placed emphasis on symmetry, proportion, and geometry. All of the architecture was being replaced by the medieval gothic style to the classical Greek and Roman
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