Individualism In Edward Scissorhands

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Often times, people judge those who diverge from the typical ideals that societies have created in place for them. Although, director Tim Burton challenges societies’ norms through his work in the film industry and exemplifies his argument through outcast protagonists that alter the perception of normal. The differences, not only in the characters, but the setting as well, are seen as a “peculiar” set of characteristics that make them unique and special. Tim Burton expresses the idea that individuality is preferable to conformity through his use of contrasting settings and misfit protagonists in films such as, Miss Peregrine’s home for Peculiar Children and Edward Scissorhands.
Tim Burton tends to depict the differences and special “abilities” of misfit protagonists as advantageous in creating a sense of individualism rather than a barrier in which one must overcome. For example, in Edward Scissorhands, a large pan from the monochrome neighborhood to Edward’s house is shown towards the beginning of the film. This, in addition with a low camera angle as Edward’s house hauntingly looks over the entire neighborhood from an enormous cliff, creates the sense of isolation between the small town and Edward. Afterwards, Edward can be seen peering down upon the neighborhood below as if he wants to be a part of it. Later on, Peg, a saleswoman for a makeup kit, meets Edward and learns about his abnormalities such as how he was built by an inventor and had scissors for hands. Not only
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