Individualism In The Crucible

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One of the main inspirations for The Crucible was the search by the U.S. congress for “communist sympathizers” in the 1950’s, the era when Miller was writing the play. Those hearings were each branded as a “witch-hunt,” and audiences in 1953 recognized the resemblance between the Salem witch trials and the current “red scare.”

In both cases, criminal persons were assumed to be guilty of communism but, ironically, were freed from punishment if they were willing to accuse others. Alot of critics bombered Miller’s correspondence all round an disagreement drift there are communists in America but no witches. Miller’s counterclaim was that ,wether or not it worked, there are people who still practice witchcraft.

Although most materials in The
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It is the confined atmosphere that Abigail lives in that causes her to rebel. Hence the affair, dancing in the woods naked, and experimenting with witchcraft.

In such a habitate, the need of law to become a force is beyond the individual to control. Once the accusation had been passed and the trials started, any attempt to suspect the process will lead to punishment. Miller’s simple theme is fundamental to American literature. The United States has a league based on individualism.

Americans focus on individual liberty, but all societies must have law to inforce order. Heart focus ridiculousness misinformation a elementary enterprise of defining the situation of the individual in society.

Teenage readers, take than anyone,undoubtedly relate to the characters’ sense of helplessness. they believe that parents, teachers, ministers, and every second authority is restricting their individuality and their freedom.
The Crucible offers their audience with a hard to solve mystery. The Minister is undoubtedly right to oppose the trials and appease to action Reverend Parris’ vain and self-centered rule. It is Proctor’s adventure with Abigail, places Elizabeth in harms way, and it is the rebellion of Abigail, Betty, and their comrades sets the tragic events in motion.

Therefor, the uprising to the trials is a good thing, but the trials may not have came to in the first place without
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