Individualism Vs. Individualism Theory

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Individualism According to Milton Friedman, individualism highlights a persons’ obligation to maximize profit for the owners and stockholders of a company. Any actions the business demonstrates must obey the constraints of the law, “[restricting] what a business is ethically allowed to do to profit” (Salazar 18). If the behavior of a company does not maximize profit, then the actions are deemed unethical by individualism theory. For an internet database company, any form of a breach can be detrimental. The result of such a disaster can permanently scar the trust from consumers, and tarnish the company name. Postponing the release of information about a breach was an action that an individualist would see as ethical. By not promptly…show more content…
By doing so, the happiness of all beings that could be affected by an action are taken into consideration. A utilitarian would view Yahoo’s case an unethical because of the company’s lack of consideration for all stakeholders impacted. Rather than being headstrong over maintaining a steady profit, Yahoo should have been more concerned with the future safety of personal accounts and their information. Instead of revamping security to protect consumers, especially those who fell victim to such a breach, Yahoo continued to mislead users by not releasing any information. Yahoo’s approach to dealing with the problem was a tactic that was only beneficial to one party; stockholders and owners. Utilitarianism is a theory that is “concerned about the long term costs and benefit of actions” (Salazar 20). If a business’s response to a problem is only short term beneficial, it typically only focuses on one or two parties involved. That is exactly what Yahoo exhibited throughout their handling of the breach. They were only concerned with keeping their stockholders happy, and not the safety and happiness of their consumers as well. If Yahoo’s management wasn’t so short-sighted on how they were going to handle the problem, they may have been more focused on their consumers. By not demonstrating any behavior that seeks to maximize happiness for all beings, a utilitarian would find this case unethical. Kantianism When a case is being observed using
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