Individuality Is A Facade And Conformity

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Individuality is a facade and conformity is the norm. A person who is “different” is considered an outcast, undeserving of the pleasant and jocular memories associated with high school, or as some adolescents refer to it, “the best four years of their lives.” Such statements, filled with glittering generalities and hopeful testimonies, run completely opposite to my personal experiences. Although I have learned positive lessons, the overwhelming perusal and close examination of self I have had to face has become an outstanding negative consequence of high school. These repercussions primarily stem from academic performance, self-image, and overall social stratification.

I conjured the thought that if I was not academically successful, I was seemingly worthless in the race of life. Receiving a failing grade defined my absolute intellect, making me feel completely inferior to my peers. AP teachers persistently remind their students of the expectations they must reach. Parents’ criticisms rain down on their children like a hurricane; harping for not excelling, nitpicking every flaw and every point missed. Little do they know, their children have not slept in days, the thought of failure and disappointment hijacking the precious hours of sleep they so desperately need.
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Struggling to keep my head above water is a constant challenge, especially when giving up seems like a better alternative. I am exhausted, mentally drained past refueling, yet still attempting to make each day count. All I can think about is when I can finally escape high school and the accompanying pressure that is felt every time I put pen to paper. My high school academic experience has changed me, exfoliating my brain and stripping me of
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