Individuality vs. Community

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Communities Filled With Unique Individuals

There are many people in the world who go out of their way to make themselves more unique and more of an individual, as well as people who will do anything to just be a part of a crowd or a community. Is it possible for an individual to be strictly an individual and not a member of a community, or visa versa? Although everyone is their own person, and has their own unique personality, thoughts, and beliefs, we are all a part of a community, whether that means the town we live in, the common interests we share with others, or the family we were born into. A community is defined as a body of people that live believing the same interests and beliefs as others while sharing the same common
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I wanted to prevent myself from being merely a Negro writer." To do so, he decides to go somewhere where he thought he would not be labeled under that category, Europe. While in Europe, Baldwin experiences that Europe labels one another also, but in a different way than America. Europe does not label each other, but divides each other into classes. Baldwin soon realizes that no matter where you go you face identity conflicts. Although Baldwin wanted more than anything to be a unique individual and not a part of a community, he could not. Even going to Europe, he found out that he was still labeled into a certain group or community. It doesn 't matter who you are or what you do, you can be a unique individual, but you will always be a part of a community. I personally think a lot of people have a problem on where they belong in life and who they are. I for instance can relate. When I was in Junior High I had a problem fitting in and knowing who I was. I had friends, but I was not a part of the popular group, so I felt that I was no one special. I felt like I was an outcast, a very unique individual and just wanted to fit in with the cool kids. Unfortunately there is not a whole lot you can do at that age to fit in, because you are in that awkward puberty stage, but I could not realize that at the time. So right before my eighth grade year, I decided to try out for the cheerleading team, in hopes
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