Individuals Always Consciously or Unconsciously Communicate Essay

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Communication is a complex word with infinite meanings. The textbook defines communication as a process by which people in relationships, groups, communities, and more develop and apply information to relate to the surroundings and to each other. Individuals are always communicating, whether it be consciously or unconsciously. Communication involves reacting to and constructing messages and converting them into information that is relevant and useful (Ruben & Stewart, 2006). Because we can create and understand messages, we can interact with our environment and each other. Examples of messages can be a smile, letter, advertisement, yawn, and more.
Our class contributed that communication is a means of expressing information through the
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It is highly important to study communication because studying communication can improve self-knowledge and how you perceive the world. Studying communication can develop how we view people because communication is how we meet others, develop, and manage relationships and work effectively with others. Studying communication can amplify our understanding of relationships. Studying communication can also develop imperative life skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving, team building, public speaking and more. Studying communication can also help you in careers. Creating strong verbal and written messages, working well with others, analyzing, and solving problems are what employers look for.
All of our hopes and ideas are changed to social realities through symbols called words, which are created in the process of communication to construct meaning. All that we are now and will become depends on our capability to communicate. Communication is at the center of everything, allowing us to explore and learn about other cultures, support social ties, build business and personal relationships, and exchange information (Bolden, 2014). Good communication is crucial in our lives, from messages we have with family and friends to creating effective, supportive workplaces. Effective communication is also important for innovation and progress. It is fundamental to study its means so that we can better understand its inner
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