Individuals Benefit From The Structure Of Work Such As

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Individuals benefit from the structure of work such as through social contact, collective purpose, status, and activity (Machin & Creed, 2003). However, unemployed individuals lack those benefits and are more susceptible to a decline in mental health, leading to a deprivation state and distress (Belle & Bullock, 2009). Gregory C. Murphy and James A. Athanasou, professors of the Health Sciences and Educational department in the Latrobe University, Australia report that job loss is correlated to a dramatic increase in distress symptoms (Murphy & Athanasou,1999; Jahoda, 1982). This increase of distress symptoms affects individuals by making it difficult for them to acquire jobs (The Urban Institute, 2013). The Urban Institute, an organization…show more content…
According to World Without Work by Derek Thompson, the city lost a total of 50,000 jobs, calling for a regional depression (Thompson, 2015). The result from the city’s dramatic unemployment rate was a decline in mental health, culture, civic spirit, and local identity (Thompson, 2015). However, in worse cases, depression, spousal abuse, and suicide (Thompson, 2015). According to John Russo, Youngstown State professor said that because of the lack of stable jobs, Youngstown citizens found themselves unable to advance their lives, thus having a decline in mental health (Thompson, 2015). Youngstown’s current situation symbolizes a decline in mental health and a lack of identity because of the increase of unemployment. The situation in Youngstown depicts that the lost of jobs or unemployment significantly affects many people through ways like a decline in mental health and relationships, essentially putting many individuals in an identity crisis. In order to combat the negative effects of unemployment, a pre-training program that focuses on emotional support and skill development should be established. When unemployed individuals have a supportive background to fall back upon, they will endure a lower chance for a decline in mental health (Gore, 1978). Susan Gore, a PhD professor of Sociology in the University of Massachusetts at Boston, investigated the effects of social support and health consequences in the unemployed at rural and

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