Individuals Change: Obtaining A Doctoral Degree

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How do Individuals Change
One of the bases for theory is change and the ways in which it can be best cultivated for the system. Within theoretical models there are differing emphasis on the change and the mode through which it occurs. Themes of experience and awareness drive the direction of intervention and dictate the language that is specific to various models. Writings from Keith and Whitaker 1982 suggest that it is through ‘experience not education that changes families’. While De Shazer (2007) presents the idea of perspective and that it is the role of therapeutic intervention to give the individual a new vantage point that ‘changes everything’. These arguments while compelling still leaves the clinician with the decision of which orientation they desire to abide by.
Throughout course of my graduate experience I have wrestled with the idea of bringing the system to a new awareness and perspective or developing an experience in the therapy room that
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Personally, there are some specific career goal that in my opinion would work well with the degree completion. Obtaining a Doctoral degree will allow me to acquire further training, and an avenue to grow professionally, in the areas of research, leadership, clinical specialty, and professorship.
Within the realm of research more specifically I have a desire to contribute to area of lower socioeconomic populations as well has the advancement of clinical application in a medical setting. While integrative care is still in early stages of development, my hope is to contribute to the cultivation to a therapeutic process that takes into account cultural and socioeconomic factors while applying theory to the model. My aim would be to make a contribution to the field of integrated care that could be considered and applied by clinicians, that fits within the structure of the medical
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