Individuals with Disabilities Act

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A. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Amendments of 1997 (IDEA), is a federal special education law and was signed into law in June 1997. The IDEA pledges that each child with a disability as well as students who need special education services has the right to a free proper public education, with the least restrictive environment. Below are the six components that are included in the IDEA. They include; 1 Free Appropriate Public Education(FAPE): In this component, the IDEA pledges that all students with a disability must be provided at a no cost public education services that is appropriate to his or her special needs within the public school system. 2 Least Restrictive Environment is the second component. This…show more content…
This was a label change of the special education rule to those with Disabilities; it was also described as the first person act. In this regulation the purpose was to be categorized as children first and their disability second. Instead of students being labeled as disabled students; they are now referred to as students with learning disabilities. The PL101-476 IDEA also mandated transition services as well as to include social work with rehabilitation services for students, furthermore legislation acknowledged Autism together with traumatic brain injury in the separate disability categories. In addition the assembly revoked states protection from lawsuits for violating IDEA (Gargiulo, 2011). 3 In 1997 Public law105-17 Amendments to IDEA was passed. The IDEA was reorganized to include four main parts. Two of the changes included conduct of the disabled student, if the student brings a weapon to school or has illegal drugs and or creates a serious risk, the student could possibly be removed from their present placement after a due process. Less serious behavior concerns demonstrated by the student with a disability should be conducted comparable to students without disabilities. The other changes to include are the student active involvement in the IEP process, as well as the transition planning. This would begin at the age of 14 instead of 16 years of age. General education teacher are to be included
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