Indo-Bangladesh Relationship

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‘‘Each state follows the polities of its geography’’- Nepoleon India is the immediate neighbors of Bangladesh with common borders. The land border with India extended over 4144 kilometers. Thus, in terms of peace along with the extensive border and overall national security, the quality of relation with India is very crucial for Bangladesh. The break-up at Pakistan and emergence of Bangladesh as an independent state in 1971 was in the strategic interest of India .The two-nation theory on which Pakistan was created had finally failed to withstand the test at time. Ultimately, it was a victory of New Delhi. After the Bangladesh War of independence of 1971, India’s position was further strengthened. During the war India proved to be the…show more content…
This uneven relationship appears to be due largely to the perception of one country against the other about each other’s role and attitudes towards bilateral and regional issues. This is not unusual because neighboring countries around the world maintain in general a kind of “See-saw” relationship with each others. Indo-Bangladesh Friendship Treaty: Boon of bilateral relations: When we discuss about the bilateral relationship between India and Bangladesh, it is necessary for us to discuss and better understand the 1972’s Friendship Treaty between Bangladesh and India. It is considered the boon of bilateral relation between these two countries. In 1972 on 19th March this India Bangladesh friendship Treaty signed for a term of 25 years. This sign was the formal aspect of relationship for these two neighboring countries. The preamble sets out the state of relations which is important to quote below:- Inspired by common ideas of peace, secularism, democracy, socialism and nationalism, having struggled together for the retaliations of these ideas and cemented ties of friendship through blood and sacrifices which led to the triumphant emergence of a free, sovereign and independent Bangladesh. Determined to maintain fraternal and good neighboring relations and transform their border of eternal peace and friendship. Adhering firmly to the basic tenets of non-alignment, peaceful co-existence, mutual co-operation, non- interference in internal affairs
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