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Introduction of Group This proposal was commissioned to provide information about PT. Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk. to our shareholders about the revitalization of our company. We would like to propose an innovation of our product. To compete our competitors, we want to attract our target market by providing a new product because we believe that PT. Indofood already gain customer’s trust. This proposal involved Aunindy Esther as President Director of PT. Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk., Pranav Ramesh as Director, and Monica Pheliany as Consultant. President Director is the one who responsible of any action that company has already take or will take later on. Director take place to manage all employee to work on their jobs and make sure that…show more content…
Their CSR are divided into five pillars: Creating a Better Life Every Day, has been translated into five pillars: Building Human Capital, Outreaching To The Community, Strengthening Economic Value, Protecting The Environment and Solidarity For Humanity. * Gain customers’ trust: Through the years since Indofood started until now, they gain the customers’ trust about their products. * Have vairities of products: Indofood have many vairities of products and people are buying them because Indofood is a trusted brand in Indonesia.

2. WEAKNESSES * Do not focus on specific product: Indofood do not focus on a specific product, some of their products are not as well known as Indomie and not so many people buy them. * Invest on research and development: Indoofod spend a lot of money in research and development. As an example just in December 2013, Indoof launched 3 new flavors for Indomie and in early January 2014 they launched another flavor. Indofood doing this to keep the customers’ satisfication of their product and fullfil the customers’ needs and wants. 3. OPPORTUNITIES * Partnership with foreign food company: With creating a partnership with a foreign company, Indofood can also reach wider market and create a new product that is suitable with the taste of international customers. * Control food market in Indonesia: As the major Indonesia food company, Indofood
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