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Located between the Indian and Pacific oceans in the Southeast Asia, Indonesia ranked number four (as in 2014), as the most populous country in the world with 252,812,245 milion people (worldometers, n.d.). 13,194,000 million people alone are living in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta (national geographic, n.d). It is a country consists of 17,000 islands; around 6000 islands are inhabited and Indonesia is linked to the equator (Infoplease, n.d). It is used to be colonised and under the influence of the Dutch for 347 years since 1602 (factmonster,n.d). The people of Indonesia pledged to unite and build one country, one language and one nation (Wanandi, 2002). Jusuf Wanandi (2002) stated that this is due to the Dutch colonialism in the form of the Netherlands East Indies that led to the establishment of the Indonesian nation and state. Indonesia is also known as the largest Muslim country in Southeast Asia as there are 90 percent of Indonesians are Muslim, the other would be Prostestants, Catholics, Hindus and Buddhists (Wanandi, 2002). Indonesia also famously known with their culture and customs due to its diverse nation (kwintessential,n.d.). There are more than 490 ethnic groups in the country (Wanandi, 2002). The official language is Bahasa Indonesia; a modified form of Malay language (kwintessential,n.d.). Indonesia is a country that practises a constitutional democracy. After the fall of Suharto 's (the former president of Indonesia) authoritarian New Order Regime

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