Indonesia: Chinese Prejudice and Discrimination

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Indonesia: Chinese Prejudice and Discrimination


Indonesia is a string of islands stretching from the Indian to the Pacific Ocean. Indonesia has a wide variety of ethnic groups which include Javanese, Sundanese, Madurese, and others. These groups are different in the way they look, their religious beliefs, the clothes they wear, their styles of houses and boats, their methods of agriculture, what they eat, and how they organize their society. They speak different languages, too but most know Bahasa Indonesia, the language that unites the nation.
Indonesia has been independent for just over half a century. In this short time the country has had to adjust to the demands of the modern world.

Indonesian Culture
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There is no doubt on the fact that the Chinese Indonesians were the practical target of the perpetrators of violence, and that Chinese Indonesian women had been raped, humiliated and murdered. It was the Chinese Indonesian community in this densely populated city as well as other significant centers where ethnic Chinese were apparently easy targets that suffered from a rampage which lasted through the summer. No one has been prosecuted for the 1998 riots which were organized, according to government officials, meaning that the attacks on the Chinese were not spontaneous crimes by random mobs.

Discrimination Change

By 1910, the Dutch firmly controlled the whole archipelago, except for East Timor, but the wealth gained from oil and other products benefited Holland rather than the Dutch East Indies. The Dutch did little for the local people, except for educating a few students from the upper-class families. In 1949, Indonesia was finally lefted to govern itself. There were many difficulties. Factories and plantations were closed or destroyed. The country lacked money and educated people to run the government. There was too little of rice to feed growing populations. Long after the role of the Dutch, they are still blamed for separating the roles of different races in their colony. President Soeharto proposed and tried to end the discrimination against the Chinese. He wanted them to attend schools, work, and become a whole
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