Indonesia Is A Culturally Rich Nation

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Introduction As the world’s largest Southeastern Asian economy with a population of over 200 million, Indonesia possesses attractive prospects for business and enterprise. Alongside the election of President Widodo who intends to increase foreign investment and improve infrastructure, this could serve as an opportune time to get involved with the island nation. As the world becomes increasingly globalized, the propensity to manage internationally becomes imminent. This guide is intended to benefit the international manager in conducting operations in Indonesia. Its purpose is to provide the manager with a comprehensive background regarding cultural practices, as well as an interpretive lens and recommendations for best practice. Indonesia…show more content…
The mining, manufacturing, and agricultural sectors are the bread-winners for Indonesia. In 2010, United States President, Barack Obama visited Indonesia and commented that Indonesia is an example of how a developing nation should embrace cultural diversity and democracy. In 2014 Indonesia’s new President, Joko Widodo, planned to end government corruption and improve the economic reform. Indonesia currently struggles with extreme poverty, inadequate infrastructure for the rapidly growing nation, and economic and social reform issues. It has implemented a 20 year development social and infrastructure revision plan beginning in 2005 and projected to end in 2025. The Land Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago and is the fourth most populous island in the world. There are a total of 17,508 islands and nearly 6,000 islands remain uninhabited. It is nearly three times the size of Texas. The U.S. is five times the size of Indonesia. There are five large islands that include: Java, Sumatera, Papau, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi. Although, Bali and Komodo islands are more well known to tourists. The country can be observed in two parts: Western and Eastern. The western side is where over 80 percent of Indonesia’s total GDP is obtained and the western side is located near Malaysia and Singapore. The eastern side is more remote and less densely populated. Indonesia’s natural resources include: silver and
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