Indonesia Needs Sex Education in Order to Combat Unwanted Pregnancies

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A. Reproductive health services have and currently do struggle against obstacles including religious beliefs, governmental policies, educational shortcomings, and governmental financial circumstances. With the increase in reproductive health medicine and technology, an increase for the global standard of living, and women’s rights movements worldwide, global access to reproductive health services is becoming more and more of a priority. Topics such as abortion and form of contraception are highly debated. “Indonesia is the world's most populous Muslim-majority nation, with almost 86.1% of Indonesians declared Muslim according to the 2000 census. 8.7% of the population is Christian, 3% are Hindu, and 1.8% Buddhist or other”(“Demographics …show more content…

This will help prevent infant fatalities, infant malnourishment, and maternal fatality during birth.

C. Indonesia’s proposition to achieve these goals and to provide global access to reproductive health services is quite simple. The committee should make a resolution which requires governments to create and fund a board which is given the task to provide the citizens of the country (ranging from youths to young adults to adults to the elderly) with adequate education in relation to sexual intercourse and the consequences of intercourse and all other sex related issues. The board would also provide various contraceptives for either free (funds permitting) or as discounted as possible. The board would have to provide various contraceptives in order to meet the standards of the individual receiving the contraception’s religious beliefs. This would help significantly reduce sexual related problems seen in today’s world, such as abortion, STDs, and unwanted pregnancy.

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A. It is easy for large countries with powerful governments to abuse their rights to eminent domain when given the task of hosting a mega-event such as the Olympic Games or FIFA World Cup. In the past countries have abused this right and found ways around the current international laws that protect the property rights of the people of the nation. The countries have not provided equal compensation

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