Indonesian Vs. Bahasa Indonesian

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Indonesia is a country that is described as having a beautiful scenery and is a gorgeous place to live. This does not mean that something with a beautiful scenery does not have any flaws that come with it. Indonesia consists of a group of islands located in Southeast Asia and is between the Indian and the Pacific Ocean. The proper language that is spoken is known as Indonesian or “Bahasa Indonesian”. This is the most common language that is spoken in Indonesia; but is not the only one that is used. Indonesian was first developed in the year 1945, when the declaration of Indonesian independence was first drawn up. Although Indonesian is known as the official language, it is actually the second most used language in Indonesia. Most of the population speaks languages such as Minangkabau or Javanese. These languages are typically spoken at households and the public. Indonesian on the other hand is commonly used at work and in school. The ethnic groups that are usually found in Indonesia include: Javanese (45%), Sundanese (14%), Madurese (7.5%), Coastal Malays (7.5%), and other (26%). Out of these ethnic groups the main religion that is practiced is Muslim (88%) followed by Protestant (5%), Roman Catholic (3%), Hindu (2%), Buddhist (1%) and other (1%). In extension to Indonesians, they are a mix of Chinese, European, Indian, and Malay and even though there population consists of mainly Muslims, they also have a vast amount of Christian Protestants, Catholics, Hindus, and…
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