Induatrial Training Report

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[pic] MADRAS FERTILIZERS LIMITED DURATION OF TRAINING: 2 WEEKS (7.12.09 – 18.12.09) NAME OF THE GUIDE: Mr. P.GNANASAMBADHAM (Deputy Manager, Process Engg Dept). [pic] SUBMITTED BY, BALAJI.N (10708011), 2nd YEAR, B.Tech CHEMICAL ENGG, DEPT OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, SRM UNIVERSITY. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: I sincerely thank my HOD Dr. R.Karthikeyan for encouraging me to under go an IN-PLANT TRAINING. I also thank the other staffs of the department for their piece information and advice which served a big purpose. Also i would like to thank Mr.P.GNANASAMBADHAM (Deputy Manager, Process engg dept, MFL) for his lectures and guidance which created a new interest regarding the subject and its…show more content…
Mechanical draft towers are available in the following airflow arrangements: 1. Counter flows induced draft. 2. Counter flow forced draft. 3. Cross flow induced draft. [pic] ➢ In the counter flow induced draft design, hot water enters at the top, while the air is introduced at the bottom and exits at the top. Both forced and induced draft fans are used. ➢ In cross flow induced draft towers, the water enters at the top and passes over the fill. The air, however, is introduced at the side either on one side which is single-flow tower or opposite sides which is double-flow tower. An induced draft fan draws the air across the wetted fill and expels it through the top of the structure. ➢ Mechanical draft towers are available in a large range of capacities. Normal capacities range from approximately 10 tons, 2.5m3/hr flow to several thousand tons and m3/hr. Towers can be either factory built or field erected Mostly concrete towers are only field erected. ➢ Many towers are constructed so that they can be grouped together to achieve the desired capacity. Thus, many cooling towers are assemblies of two or more individual cooling towers or “cells.” ➢ The number of cells they have, for example an eight-cell tower, often refers to such towers. Multiple-cell towers can be lineal, square, or round depending upon the shape of the individual cells and whether the air

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