Induction Chemotherapy

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Chemotherapy is the main way of treating AML.It is divided into three phase, Induction chemotherapy, Post-remission chemotherapy and Consolidation chemotherapy.Alone a chemotherapy is not that much effective so a Stem cell transplantation or a Bone marrow Transplantation is recommended (only if the patients is able to tolerate a transplantation) in most of the times. Allogeneic (ALLO) stem cell transplantation (i.e. using donated stem cell)is done in case of patients suffering from AML[17]. This induction chemotherapy is given with (except in case of M3 subtype of AML) cytarabine (ara-C) and an anthracycline [18]. The induction Chemotherapy routine is also denoted by “7+3” because the cytarabine is given to the patients continuous IV infusions for 7 days consecutively and as…show more content…
For older people aging over 60 years with relapsed AML who are unable to withstand high dosages of chemotherapy, Gemtuzumab Ozogamicin (Mylotarg), a monoclonal antibody linked cytotoxic agent is being used as a replacement[21] but the drug was withdrawn from the market by its manufacturer, Pfizer in the year of 2010[22]. US FDA approved Arsenic trioxide for the treatment of relapsed APL and this compound is specific to the M3 subtype of AML like ATRA [23]. Another more recent advancement in the field of treatment of AML is Immunotherapy by CAR-T cell. The T-cells in patients body is modified so that they could produce special receptors on their surface which is known as chimeric antigen receptors (CARs). CARs are protein in nature which detect a specific kind of antigen released by the tumor cell and destroy them. They are generally produced in laboratory to expand rapidly and then after rapid growth they are infused in the patient’s body to kill the cancer cells and when present in the patient’s body, they can also
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