Induction Is A Method Of Control Introduced By Hoffman

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Induction is a method of control introduced by Hoffman which is described as the effective parenting practice for the internalization of rules and longer term self-regulation for children (p. 174). Through parent’s explanations of rules and emphasis on abiding by rules for the benefit of the child and other, children are not only able to regulate their own behavior by the standards they have learner, but also internalize such rules. This is shown through their abilities to self-regulate their behaviors in accordance to the rules regardless if an authority figure is present or not and regardless if consequences are likely (p. 162). When explain rules using induction, parents often provide children with reasons for the rules and/or make it a point to appeal to the child’s desires to be a grown-up (p. 162). Using induction, parents are also likely to provide children with other-oriented explanations which have proven to be especially powerful in prompting empathy towards others. In order to foster child’s development towards self-control and build up a resistance towards future temptations, parents must focus on using inductive control strategies such as justification rather than aggravating or punitive control strategies such as harsh commands, threats, and teasing (p. 162). Where most parents have a go-to practice when it comes to parenting, many also utilize different practices selecting what is appropriate and effective for the given situation. This is often due to the

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