Induction Process

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Induction Process Of Food Manufacturing Company Management Essay This Research proposal focuses on the induction process of food manufacturing company that require changes in existing induction programme to improve the work quality, company performance, ethics and new academic staff and the role of their head of department . The research also focuses on the view of the staffs on the existing arrangements of induction. So the appropriate research chosen is survey based. Respondents reflected on personal experiences and their narratives from existing employees would give a fine-grained account of the same event. This proposal would observe the factors which affect staff motivation and job satisfaction and also explores previous theories of…show more content…
The second meaning of the term is related to this and refers to a belief that the accumulation of “facts” is a legitimate goal in its own right. It is the second meaning that is sometimes referred to as “naïve empiricism”. (Bryman A and Bell E, p-9 2003) The primary research has been planned to conduct through structured interview from the basis of the secondary research literature review & analysis on data available from the records in organisation. “An important phase in the collection of data is the selection of units to which the data relate.”(Bryman, 1989). Data will be collected through interviews and questioners. All employees including top level and bottom line and HRM will be selected to this process. Structured Questionnaires will be provided to the related subject matter. Secondary sources of information’s relating to induction process will be collected through online, like government published details and surveys will be looked. Details of the current changes in HRM and induction process will be taken from latest news paper articles and journals published. The primary data will be collected through interviews with all the employees in the organisation and passing on the questionnaires to them. The questionnaire is prepared with help of “Business research methods” by Bryman A and Bell E, (pp-155-174, 2003) “one of the most significant considerations for many researchers is whether to ask
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