Induction And Induction Essay

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Deduction and Induction Isabel Bolio

A way in which a human being can acquire knowledge is by reasoning through guided principles of validity; which is therefore through logic. This extends our understanding of our surroundings. Within logic there are two branches that lead to reasonable conclusions, these are: inductive and deductive logic. In the following paragraphs this two instruments will be described and exemplified in order to compare them as means to reach logic.
Inductive logic is the form to achieve a conclusive and specific knowledge through general rules. It is the urge of humans to construct patterns of observation through time. We all use simple induction all the time; for example. We assume that because the sun has
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This example demonstrates how humans draw conclusions without enough examples, therefore another problem arises: how many examples do we need to form a completely truthful conclusion?
On the other hand there is the opposite of Inductive logic: Deductive logic. It is the process by which a secure conclusion can be reached through one or more general statements that are otherwise called ‘premises’. It goes form general to specific. So if one is equal to two and two is equal to three then we know that one is equal to two. This way of reasoning is easily applied to our ordinary lives an example is: every day I leave to school at eight o’clock; I take fifteen minutes and get there on time, therefore if today I leave at eight o’clock I will get to school on time. Another example; all students that have high SAT scores do well in collage, a Laura had high SAT scores, she will do well in collage.
Equivalently to Inductive reasoning deductive logic has limitations. The issue is that the premises are either drawn form observation or are merely assumptions. This means that the premises of a deductive argument may come from inductive reasoning, which automatically leads us to the previous problems encountered. It may however be that the deductive argument is
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