Industrial Air And Water Pollution

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Industrial air and water pollution in China In an ideal environment, air is odorless and colorless, when we breathe, we feel fresh and energy. Water should be clear and tasteless, we can see fish swimming happily in the water and can we directly drink from it without any concern. However, in recent years in China, people are no longer living in an ideal environment, air gets hazy and water gets muddy. Billions of dust and particles floating in the air and wish us to take them inside our lungs. Fish in the river start malformation, as the result of toxic water. With the development of modern society, increasing amount of population, more and more resources are required, industries produce more products for us to use and the wastes…show more content…
There is a river about 15 minutes’ walk from my home. And the water there is dark, and has stinky smell, I never know its real name and always call it a drainage ditch. During the last 10 years I lived there, it has never been clean. I always hold my breath and walk quickly to cross that bridge across the river, luckily it is not a wide river. More concerning is that, along the two sides of river bank, one is residential area and the other is local hospital. I hear stories from people who grow up in that neighborhood, says that before industrial development, the river is actually clean and clear, people even see fishes swim in there. I just cannot imagine the originally appearance of that river. The images that records the vitality of this river must be calming and beautiful. Last year, the government finally start pay attention to this stinky river, but because of this river is so contaminated, it could take at least 20 years for this river to stop being smelly, and maybe even more years are required for this river to fully restore. Apart from water pollution, the current situation of water supply in China is already an alarming problem. Although China’s fresh water resource is ranked fourth around the world, but with the huge population, the average water resource amount per capita is less than 1000 cubic meters, and is count as one of the 13 countries with water shortage. The present water situation is critical because of the uneven distribution of water, in
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