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‘Investing in Africa’s future’ FACULTY OF MANAGEMENT & ADMINISTRATION Students Industrial Attachment Report Format Part 1 The above heading ‘PART 1’ is just a guide. You must not label this preliminary section ‘part 1’ in the actual report. Cover page [2] [This will contain title of the report, the name of the entity for which it was prepared, the name of the person who prepared it, the date the report is to be presented. This page should not be numbered]. Abstract [10] [This should contain a summary of the main body of the report. It should be about one page in length and must highlight all salient issues in the main body. Any one who reads only the abstract should get a full picture of the content of the main report.…show more content…
Challenges Faced During Attachment [3] [State work/task related problems as well as any social problems you might have faced while you were on attachment and how you were able to overcome those that you managed to overcome.] 7. Suggestions for Improving Industrial Attachment [3] [Suggestions to the Faculty to make FMA students better prepared for attachment. This is supposed to be a feedback to enable the Faculty enrich the curriculum, so that both students and organisations will mutually benefit more from industrial attachment.] 8. Conclusion [4] [Your general impression about your attachment experience PART III [Issues to present after the main body of the report. This sub-heading is just a guide. You must not label this section part III in the actual report] Items to be presented in Part III may include references, glossary and any appendix you want to attach to your report.] 9. REFERENCES [4] 10. APPENDICES

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