Industrial Dispute Settle in Bangladesh

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Introduction :-
Since independence of Bangladesh, no major development took place in the history of labour legislation till the enactment of the Bangladesh Labour Act, 2006. The Bangladesh
Labour Act, 2006 is a major and comprehensive enactment regarding industrial relation system--partly as a response to demand of stakeholders for improving regulatory framework on trade union and partly by demand for codification of existing labour laws in order to avoid overlapping and inconsistencies. It brought some significant changes in industrial relation system. However, the Act has not been able to bring the desired changed due to its in-built weaknesses, suspension of many labour rights under state of emergency and lack of institutional capacity
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In many cases, their leadership vests in hands of persons who are more interested in achieving their political interests rather than the interests of the workers.

Indiscipline: Industrial disputes also take place because of indiscipline and violation on part of the workforce. The managements to curb indiscipline and violence resort to lockouts

Non-reorganization of trade unions: The employers usually do not like the interference by trade unions. They do not recognize them. This brings the workers into conflict with their employers.

Weakness of Trade Unions: Weaknesses of trade unions encourages the employers to deny certain basic needs of the workers such as medical, education and housing facilities etc. This led to resentment on the part of workers who resorted to direct action.

Miscellaneous causes: Behaviour of supervisors, Lack of proper communication between management and workers, Rumors spread out by trade union, Inter-trade union rivalry etc; are the other causes that cause dispute between management and employers.

Types of Industrial Disputes :-
Industrial dispute may be of two types :-
1. Collective Dispute
2. Personal Dispute
1.Collective Dispute :- Dispute where the interests of many worker are related; like disputes in the terms of employment, or wages, or bonous, or gratuity, or medical allowances, or compensation, look-out etc.
2.Personal Dispute :- Disputes raised with the employers, due to
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