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Industrial Equipment INC. Table of Contents Problem Identification 1 Internal Analysis 2 Strengths 2 Weaknesses 3 External Analysis 3 Opportunities 3 Threats 4 Alternative Strategies 5 Strategy 1 5 Strategy 2 5 Strategy 3 6 Recommended Strategy 7 Implementation Plan 8 Appendix A: Gantt Chart 10 Problem Identification Industrial Equipment INC. sold and serviced a variety of industrial equipment and related products to hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, motels and various other organizations in the four Atlantic Canadian provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland/Labrador. In addition to distributing a broad line of specialized equipment IE provided design, specification and planning assistance to architects,…show more content…
The business has been profitable and has been able to gain a large market share because of those strengths. External Analysis Opportunities Based on industry forecasts there might be a trend to use more equipment and automation to substitute for hard to find labour. In addition to this increase in importance to noise reduction and energy conservation might mean upgrading of already existing equipment. Expansion into the food service sector was another opportunity that Jim could try penetrating. This would help the business grow and diversify. The sales of the better performing sector can average out the sales from the poor performing sector. Threats The main threat faced by IE is the strong competition faced by other industrial equipment businesses. The most direct competitor of the IE was Hines Equipment. They both represented the leading industrial equipment manufacturer; offered their products and services in the same region and viewed service as a key aspect of their business. Sam Reid a former employ of Hines had developed a substantial market share in Newfoundland. This meant that a great percentage will served by him. Quebec equipment sold many of the same lines as IE and Hines and would occasionally price large orders very aggressively. It could do this as it viewed Atlantic Canada as incremental business. They also faced occasional Equipment distributors and other smaller firms over certain product categories Another threat for the business is that
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