Industrial, French, and American Revolutions: Common Social Revolutions?

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Throughout history there have been many important revolutions that have help to shape society as it is today. There are different causes, from political to religious, economic to social. Any revolution affects those in society, and creates changes for the people in the society. There are three important revolutions that took place in the late 18th century that changed the world for the better. The French Revolution, the American Revolution, and the Industrial Revolution all took place in the late 1700s. Although each had a different purpose, they all lead to a better way of life for many. The French and American Revolutions are examples of some which are brought about and enforced solely by the people. Although they had different reasons…show more content…
The society saw there was a need for change, and took the opportunity to create it. They ran the revolution. Much like the French Revolution, the American Revolution was brought upon by the people who wanted a change. Growing numbers of immigrants added to the population in the lower and middle classes in the country, making overcrowding and poor conditions. As cities started to grow, the government- located across the ocean- decided to try and make changes, including larger taxes. The people in America did not like the idea of being ruled over by people so far away, so they began their search for new forms of authority. The people looked for independence, and their search led them to a war and the Revolution. As the country became free and independent, more and more changes were made. The Declaration of Independence was signed, and the Bill of Rights was issued. While it was largely political that change came from the American Revolution, it was America's people created, fought, and won the American Revolution, leading to a better life for them all. Unlike France and America's revolutions, the Industrial Revolution did not come from the people's wants or active needs. Rather, it was only aided by their intervention. The Industrial Revolution transformed English, European, and American society. The outcomes from the Industrial Revolution,
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