Industrial Hemp: The Great Debate

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Its fiber makes rope and cloth which is very strong and resilient and when used to make paper products, the production is far tidier and much more efficient than using wood to make paper. Hemp is indeed considered one of the world's oldest agricultural products and hemp has a history in the United States that includes the fact that the Declaration of Independence and the original St. James Bible are actually printed on hemp paper. The list of practical uses is lengthy and impressive, but due to drug laws in the United States the growing of cannabis for industrial hemp uses is illegal; this has been a source of considerable controversy in the United States. The uses of industrial hemp and the debate as to whether industrial hemp farming should be allowed in the U.S. will be reviewed and critiqued in this paper.
Thesis: This paper takes the position that industrial hemp should be legal in America, because it has been proven useful in myriad applications for many years, because it is not potent for smoking albeit it's from the same species, because it could create thousands of jobs, and because in the fight against global warming industrial hemp absorbs four times as much carbon dioxide and can produce as much as four times the fiber than trees can.
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