Industrial Hygiene in the Welding Workshop

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Industrial Hygiene in the welding workshop Having undergone inspection by OSHA, there are various issues concerning safety that were noticed and apparently need to be looked into within the workshop. Being that it is an operation that is being conducted in an industrial area, and in workshop that deals with welding and joinery, it is critical that all the safety measures are taken into account in a categorical and safe manner in the bid to eliminate risks from the employees. For instance there are various experts who are present and I will ensure that their individual expertise is put to use in the restructuring process. First, the entire employees' body must be informed of the extent of the damage and/or the risks identified by the OSHA, the seriousness of the problem at hand and instructed not to venture into any area within the workshop condemned by OSHA without the clearance and subsequent communication through a central communications office that they have to be informed of. I would also have a formal written process for the restructuring process within the workshop. This will help in the accurate and safe restructuring in line with safety standards without exposure to danger of the people involved in the daily work or the restructuring process. This schedule will help ensure that there is coordination between the specialists that are to be consulted for the restructuring and avoid skipping of steps as recommended by OSHA that may endanger lives later on.

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