Industrial Organizational Psychology

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As such, it is ideal to refine processes and practices in order to maximize the output of employees within this profession. Although such an outcome is desired of any sort of organization that industrial organizational psychologists work in, it is pivotal to achieve this objective in the medical profession for the simple fact that the result of medical procedures directly affects the health and vitality of the profession at large. Industrial organizational psychologists improve workplace conditions for employees (No author, 2013). Thus, there is increased scrutiny on industrial organizational psychologists and there work within the medical field which may account for the fact that traditionally, "there are very few I-O psychologists working in health care settings" (Ehler et al, 2003).
However, this traditional dearth of industrial organizational involvement in this industry only makes that which has been documented all the more valuable. A recent research study on resuscitation for children conducted at the University of Calgary illustrates how some medical organizations have used industrial organizational psychology to train employees and influence future selection criteria for them. During this particular study, employees involved in these procedures are trained in a single day by filming their reactions to simulated resuscitation scenarios with children. Both the…
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