Industrial Relation Issues On Industrial Instruments And Entitlements

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This purpose of this report is to examine industrial relation issues that are combated in the workplace and relating these issues to industrial instruments and entitlements ( Thornthwaite & Sheldon, 2013). The chosen workplace for this report is WestPac it is one of the biggest leading banks in Australia which provide various financial services for their customers. The issues that will be discussed in this report outlines the conflicts of maternal/parental leave in Westpac, enterprise agreements of the workplace, comparisons between industrial instruments and if these requirements fit in with the National Employment Standards (NES). Moreover, under the Fair Work Australia Act 2009, it covers many industrial instruments particularly the one that is being focused on in this report which is Enterprise agreement. The enterprise agreement in this workplace covers each employer, employees and unions, as this agreement for Westpac was implemented on the 1st January 2013 (Miller, 2013)
WestPac has been having ongoing conflicts regarding negotiations for changes in enterprise agreements and parental leave schemes (Lekakis, 2010). This plays a pivotal role for employees as it outlines their rights and working conditions in the workplace, the enterprise agreement of this workplace covers the employee’s conditions. The agreement implemented in this workplace is beneficial as it focuses on a number of benefits such as having a balance between work and family and making arrangements. The…

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