Industrial Relations

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This project is submitted in response to the case study of module 08 in Professional Qualification in Human Resources Management. I am extremely grateful to all people, too numerous to mention, who have contributed to this case study. The Management Process ,analyzation of a case in an organization, how to give an solution to the problems based on the theory and techniques which I have included in this case study are the most valuable ideas I have gained from my lecturers at IPM and various HRM Professionals. I would like to acknowledge the help of everyone who sacrificed their valuable time for various research programmes and those who have kindly helped me to develop this project. I…show more content…
1) Change leardership style. Provide the company with proper learders.The managers who are appointed as leaders should follow a leadership style that leads to sustainability of the organization along with ability to change according to the environment. (2)Bargaining Rights Bargaining rights refer to union recognition and the rights of individual workers to join together and bargain for a change in policy and organization.The employees should be facilitated in a method where they can speak up their issues. (3) Change strategy into improving quality Just as the economic policy was changed and competition came in, the company should’ve improved the quality of it’s product to match competitive products. They should’ve bought new machines and trained the employees to use them even though purchasing new machines was costly. If they made that investment then, by now they would’ve been back in business and making thick margins. (4) Involve employees in decision making Employee involvement is creating an environment in which people have an impact on decisions and actions that affect their jobs. Employee involvement is not the goal nor is it a tool, as practiced in many organizations.The company should encourage the employees to come up with new ideas and to involve in decision making. Employees are the ones who are really in production; they would know
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