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Assessment Task 2 Industrial relations Portfolio Assessment Task 2 Industrial relations Portfolio May 1, 2014 May 1, 2014 Jackie Brillas Ultimo TAFE Jackie Brillas Ultimo TAFE 1. Identify a major workplace legislation in Australia and describe the workplace legislation that covers your selected workplace. The anti-discrimination act of 1977, this act has been amended many times over the years since first being applied in the work place. The most recent version was last amended in February of 2014. This act covers, * Discrimination in work * Racial discrimination * Special needs * Sexual harassment * Sexual discrimination My job falls under this act, it confirms and surrounds all employees/ employers…show more content…
* Notice period and severance pay- if an employee’s position is made redundant at UNSW they must be given a minimum of four weeks’ notice unless they are above the age of 45 then they must be given 5 weeks’ notice or the severance may be paid out. * Hours of work- Here UNSW explain an employee is able to change his or her number of hours worked per week from the standard 38 to either 35 or 36 hours. Their pay would then be 35/38ths of 36/38ths of the annual salary. And a notice of one month must be given. * Performance management and rewards- It is outlined that all staff members of UNSW are held to a 6 month probation and if a supervisor feels the employee is progressing exceptionally well they may choose to accelerate the employee using the schedules mentioned in the base pay section. * Disciplinary matters and termination- This enterprise agreement now breaks down their employee performance management, advising the employee of the issues, providing the employee with the opportunity to change the behaviour or skill gap, if the issue persists providing the employee with an outline of the deficiencies, giving the employee a timeframe, and finally counselling. 5. Please find attached a copy of the UNSW grievance procedure. 6. Identify the Following;
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