Industrial Relations and Its Relevance

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Zenith Medical Systems Incorporated Case Study on Compensation Deepa Arora Monique Beauregard Ashish Chandna Tumeet Kaus Dhillion Joel Niederhoffer HRM4009 Prof. Angela Hould Due: June 24, 2011 Introduction Zenith Medical Systems Incorporated is a relatively new firm that specializes in manufacturing and distributing information management systems for health care institutions. Zenith is a joint organization comprised of a major computer firm and a supplier of hospital products. Since the health care sector is continually growing and becoming more complex, the need for computer systems to accommodate for these changes increases. Zenith’s objective is to “develop an integrated…show more content…
This means that technology is used to create an output by utilizing several internal inputs. Using Thompson’s typology of technology, Zenith strongly represents the long-linked technology typology. This typology assumes that “the total task of producing a product or service into a series of small sequential steps performed by different employees” (Long, 2010, p. 42). This is illustrated by the fact that in order to develop a single information management system several employees among several departments are required. Conversely, Zeniths technological structure also related to Woodward’s typology of mass/large batch technology where a large amount of products are produced in a standardized way (p. 44). In this respect, Zenith produces a large amount of base models to later customize and suit the needs of their clients. Structural Variables In determining the managerial strategy of Zenith Medical Systems Incorporated, there are six main structural variables that must be analyzed: job design, decision making and leadership responsibilities, control system, reward system, communication and information, and lastly, coordination and departmentation. Having an effective structural organization has the ability to manage employee behaviours and reduce uncertainties within the workplace. It provides employees with the necessary tools to learn and grow in different areas at work. Job Design Zenith’s poor
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