Industrial Relations to Human Resource Management: Disparity and Similarity

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Introduction Human resources are the main drivers for today’s organization in managing employees as strategic plan as company’s objective (Haslinda 2009). Variety notion related with theory, perceptivity and understanding of human resource evolution from Industrial Relations (IR) tradition to Human Resource Management (HRM) has transpired to the present day. IR was considerably have two main division: labor management and mutual negotiation including the method of employment management (Kaufman 2001). The terminology from personnel management, or personnel administration and labor relations has been used by most writers represent IR or employment relations era. The evolving terms of both subject fields has initially started in 19th…show more content…
As a subject field, HRM encompass PM on diversity aspect of human resource: staffing (workers and IR); shift management (compensation); administration purposes; performance (training and development) including outsource and subcontract network (Brewster 1995). Boxall (1992) defined the scope of work of HRM is more principal and strategic line of duty than IR in terms of PM. Disparity of both subject area Guest (1987) pointed out on several difference among both as particular form. First, regarding to time, planning view and contract, PM generally conducted for short-time program in specific case, on the basis of compliance, whereas HRM for long-term period, responsiveness, and strategic management. Within labor relationship, PM can be seen as customary notion (pluralist), simultaneous bargaining, yet low commitment or trust, opposite with HRM (commitment, individual and unitarist). Related with management, the role of PM as professional not widely integrated upon base management. Other distinctions based on Guest (1987) lies on control system (PM use external, HRM apply individual control), organization form (PM as centralised organization, HRM more flexible), assessment requirement (PM emphasize on cost reduction, whilst HRM accentuate in human resource utilization). Moreover, since HRM emphasize on preferable development for management team, as an odd remarkably integrated as coordinated activity (including for
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