Industrial Revolution : A Lesson Plan Essay

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Industrial Revolution Lesson Plan
This lesson is designed to be implemented in a high school World History class grades 9-10. The unit of study will be the Industrial Revolution focusing particularly on England. The lesson that focuses on environmental impact of the industrial revolution fits in on day 5 of what would be a 10 day unit. Preceding this lesson will be a general unit overview, causes of the Industrial Revolution, a study of early industrialization, a study of factories and mass production. Prior to this lesson students would have studied multiple technological advances on rural society and the impact those advances had on creating a movement of urbanization. Following this lesson students will be lessons introducing students to major economic theories Capitalism and Communism, study the advances in technology, science and medicine and look at daily life of citizens during the 1800s. The lesson prior to this one focuses on the impact mass production had on the labor market and the economy. This lesson focuses on how the industrial revolution impacted sustainability and process. Implementation of the lesson requires one period of 60 minutes.

Emphasize that the industrial revolution had many negative consequences on the environment. Advancements in factories, trains and steam boats, all powered by natural resources like coal and wood had a negative influence on the environment, essentially leading to an increase in pollution.
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