Industrial Revolution After The Civil War

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The Inusterial Revolution after the Civil War Between 18-19th centuries after the Civil War, a chain of events occurred that brought about several changes in the way that people lived and worked in the United States.This period ranges from the time when cities started growing rapidly because human hand labor was drastically changed to machine labor. These events started the American Industrial Revolution, which later affected African American socially, economically and politically. However, many of these changes brought by Industrial Revolution also affected several groups like Workers, Immigrants, and Children e.t.c. This paper will analysis three major effects the Industrial Revolution had on the Society, Economy and Politics of America as well as the above mentioned groups (Backer, n.d) Society undergoes a major transformation as a result of so many consequences. Firstly the society expanded and the population of the inhabitant increases due to migration and search for jobs from the area of low employment in areas of high employment. Hand work was changed to machine labor and this made women started working in long hours and the rise of child labor, and immigration from the west for greener pasture increased. The rapid growth of factories enables many Americans abandoned farming and went in search for factory jobs which was in demand due to the use of machines. However, this changed the style of living in the society and added a separate class of people known as the
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