Industrial Revolution Changed The World

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The Industrial revolution changed the world in many ways. There was a demand for coal, yarn, and many other goods to be transported around the globe. These goods need created many jobs and technical advances in the civilization during this time making it the Industrial revolution. Jobs were needed to create ways to gather the substances such as the flying shuttle helped weave yarn faster on the loom making more demand, and then jobs to travel the goods like railroads (Duiker, 539). The need for workers was great for society however the living and working conditions for the middle class were not great. In Britain and many places around the like the Chicago stock yard workers and their families were put up in row houses. Row houses were over occupied with little rooms, and poor conditions such as the sewer drainage (Duiker, 539). The working class made little pay compared to the owners of the industries making it hard to break this cycle of under the line living and working conditions.…show more content…
However, not everyone lived a life of such, Bourgeois they were as in the middle age were men who work with paper such as a banker or lawyer who lived a comfortable living and reeked the benefits of the industrial revolution (Duiker,
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