Industrial Revolution DBQ Essay

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The Industrial Revolution began in England during the 18th Century. This revolution started out in England, and spread throughout Europe and North America. Many technologic and agricultural advances were made during this time. Factories became the main source of production, rather than in home workers. This resulted in many people living in rural areas to move into industrialized cities, which was called rural to urban migration. The Industrial Revolution started in England due to its supply of natural resources, advanced technology and inventions, and political freedom. To start off, England had all the natural resources needed to industrialize. England had a natural supply of wool, cotton, coal, iron, lead, and tin (doc 1). These are all resources that are needed and helpful when industrializing. Wool and cotton are especially good for the textile industry, whereas iron was great for making tools and machinery. Along with these resources, England’s location enabled trading due to it’s many waterways. You can not be more than 70 miles from the sea in England (doc 4). Even the animals in the country were an advantage. For example, the sheep in England gave off the best wool (doc 4). Having natural resources helped England industrialize because it saved the country from having to trade, and/or travel to other countries in order to get what they needed. So many of the natural resources needed to industrialize were found in England. England had everything from coal to power
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